Sunday, 21 April 2013

Incentive Giveaway Winner!

The results are IN!

It's official - the Indiegogo Campaign is officially finished, our bailey's is tucked nicely into our celebratory coffee this morning and we're relaxing out in the Spring Sun! ...well, for the next 10 minutes anyhow. And then it's back to Spring planting and business as usual.

Thanks to all of you we raised a whopping $2,853.00!! That's going to go a long way to helping BUFCO with the Pop Up Shop, greenhouse and demonstration garden. So, thank you thank you thank YOU!

And now for the important news - the WINNER of our Indiegogo final days "mention" giveaway! 


(drum roll please)..... 

And the liter of organic & all natural Better World plant food goes to...... 



Congratulations Karen - we're very excited for you!!

To claim your prize, please email Arlene and Marc @ - they'll get that to you ASAP so your vegetables can grow big and grow happy all season long!
To everyone else - again, thank you so much for all your contributions, shares and support. We wouldn't have raised this money without you and it sure makes us proud to be a part of SUCH a supportive and fabulous community here in Toronto.

If you need advice, seedlings, mix, raised beds, raised-raised beds, feel free to drop us a line at the above listed email, check out our website, or visit us at our store @ 3290 Keele St. at Sheppard Ave., Toronto, Ontario. We'd love to see what you're growing this season and help out in any way we can so don't be shy.

Again, congrats to Karen and all of us - because making real, organic, seasonal food accessible in our spectacular city makes us all winners. 


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