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We're Marc and Arlene - together (with the aid of a few talented green-thumbs and specialists) we're BUFCO!

We're dedicated to participating in a worldwide food movement that encourages lowering our carbon footprint and trying to live more sustainably, naturally, independently and locally. Planting and saving heirloom and non-GMO seeds (genetically modified organisms), and preserving the harvest are top priorities for us. We strive to build a sense of community by facilitating sharing a portion of the harvest with our neighbours and local food banks. We bring new opportunities for families and individuals to learn, teach, relax, play in and eat from their own gardens. We believe that by tending our garden, we feed our minds, bodies and souls, and contribute to the greater good. 

The Backyard Urban Farm Company (BUFCO) is a Toronto based, family-run business that serves the greater Toronto area and surrounds. We design, build, install and maintain organic vegetable gardens for homes, schools, corporate spaces, daycare centers and retirement facilities. There are so many ways you can grow your own food and we can show you how! It’s a fun, easy and relaxing activity for the whole family.

Our Signature product is raised cedar beds made from local eastern white cedar timber; we also create raised beds from milled lumber, also using local eastern white cedar.

Won't you grow with us? 

For more information or to connect feel free to email us: info (at) bufco (dot) ca

We hope to see you around!

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