Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Welcome to BUFCO's new look!

Like all good things, Tumblr has come to an end. And while the team works hard to create a new home here, we know you're working hard to get your garden up and growing!

We're down to 43 days before the last frost. If you haven't started planning your garden by now, it's time to plant or get off the pot. Your hardies can start going out now too - radishes, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, kale, mizuna, tatsoi, cabbage, and kale (to name a few)...

And to help you early birds along, BUFCO is offering 10% off all orders placed before the end of March! That gives you only 5 more days to get one mother of a deal on your seed starts or your entire Summer garden! Small garden plot or full-grown urban farm, take a moment now to get in on this Early Bird Special! (not that you're old or anything - but I am...in spirit. I jump on the Early Bird train every chance I get. Choo Choo!)... All aboard!

You can get in on the action through the BUFCO website OR by dragging your fine gardening tushie down to their grand opening this Saturday from 11AM - 3PM. Everything you need to get your garden started and keep it producing all Summer long, will be available for purchase. Not to mention the free drinks and treats - who wouldn't want to spend a glorious Saturday morning meeting fellow farmers, gardeners and good food lovers?

Speaking of gardens - how crazy is the Indiegogo campaign?? So many have been so fantastic and generous and we're slowly plowing toward our goals. A very special thank you to everyone who has supported us in this endeavor - and a warm Spring welcome to those who have yet to contribute. It's your food system my friends and you have not disappointed.

I know real food matters to you - making it accessible is something that has obvious value. BUFCO has appreciated every single comment, share, (re)tweet and contribution you've given us - but the work isn't done. I'm not going to beg - but I beg you - if you haven't already (or maybe you wanna take another stroll around the watering hole), please take a moment to visit our campaign site and help us fund our pop up shop - which I know we'll see you at this Saturday - greenhouse and demonstration garden.

In closing - again, thank you all so so so much! Please - keep tweeting and sharing our campaign. There's less than a month left and we really want to make Toronto a real food hub of activity. Community matters - you are our community. You matter. Please help make a difference - you know you wanna. C'mon - we're making it easy for you!

What do you do to make a difference? How are you making good food real in your community? How's your garden coming?